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Drive more ROI from your Twitter followers with our amazing Fakers App. Learn who is real, who is fake, who is active and who doesn't care. Find out what languages they speak and track your progress against your competitors.

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The best way to improve your Marketing ROI is to better understand your customers. Our Fakers App tools allow you to understand you Twitter Followers like never before.

Fakers App

Our unique algorithm tells you how many of your Twitter followers are Fake, Inactive or Engaged within a matter of seconds.

Follower Analytics

Learn more about your followers. What languages they speak, how often they tweet, who they follow and much more.

Auto Block Fakes

Want to get rid of your fake followers or stop fakes from following you. User our Auto Block tool to keep your follower list clean.

Friend Tracking

Track up to 15 friends or competitors to keep an eye on how they are performing compared to you.


You can use our Fakers App completely free of charge. But if you would like to drive greater ROI from your followers sign up to one of our pricing plans and benefit from all of our advanced tools.


No Charge


8 Free Searches

See Your Fakes

Basic Analytics


£3.49, $5.49, €4.49


Unlimited Searches

Advanced Follower Analytics

Track 5 Friends

Manually Block Fakes


£9.99, $14.99, €12.99


Unlimited Searches

Advanced Follower Analytics

Track 15 Friends

Auto Block Fakes

Want to see what you'll get for your money?


StatusPeople are the Twitter Follower experts. If you would like to learn how to better understand and engage with your Twitter Followers why not join one of our training seminars...

To find out more about our training seminars or book a customised one for you or your business please email us at


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Since 2011 StatusPeople have aimed to develop innovative and useful social media software for marketers.

In July 2012 we launched our Fakers App. This was the first social media tool in the world to inform people how many fake and spam followers they had. The app has been used by over 600,000 people world wide and over 1 million profiles have been analysed.

It has been mentioned in news publications across the world including the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, the Daily Mail, FastCompany, The BBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian and many, many more.

StatusPeople are now leading the fight against Twitter spam and fake followers. We have advanced our algorithms and tools to give Marketers the tools to deliver the insights they need to improve ROI.

Give our app a try today and join everyone else who stands against fake followers.

And if you wish to keep an eye on how our tools develop checkout our Blog for updates. And if you have any thoughts or feeback tweet us @StatusPeople or let us know on our Facebook Page.